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100 bp DNA Marker

DNA Electrophoresis


100 bp DNA marker or ladder is a mixture of specially designed double-stranded DNA fragments for determining the exact size of PCR products and engineered DNA Fragments. The 100 bp DNA Marker consists of 11 DNA fragments ranging in size from reference on agarose gels, the 500 bp and 1000 bp are two to three times brighter than the other bands. The 100 bp Markers are supplied in a ready-to-use or concentrated format. This marker can be stained with EtBr or radio labeled at 5’-ends. The 100 bp DNA Marker is premixed with loading buffer. The marker not intended for use in quantitative analysis.

Usage Information:
Concentration: 100 ng/µl (0.5 µg/ml)
Recommended loading: 2.5-5 µl
Range 100-1000 bp
Number of bands: 10


Cat No.


Price (Rial)


500 ul/50 ug

Not available


Instructional Manual

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